Tracking the TRC's Calls to Action: Supporting Education for Reconciliation in the Classroom

Tracking the TRC's Calls to Action: Supporting Education for Reconciliation in the Classroom

The Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission call upon Canada to engage and act on calls to address the "legacy" created by the Residential School System (the first 42) and 52 Calls that provide a path forward for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples – what is also called “reconciliation”. This webinar series provides classroom and district leaders with practical support to deepen commitments toward reconciliation in the classroom and includes opportunities for classrooms across Canada to engage with curated digital resources connected to these Calls to Action.

Nelson is honoured to be in partnership with Niigaan Sinclair, one of Canada's leading voices on truth and reconciliation and the TRC Commission, who will provide information and relevant resources on what our responsibilities are as school communities in fulfilling the Calls to Action.

All participants will receive a professional learning certificate upon completion of this series. Sessions can be joined live, or viewed on-demand throughout 2024.

Practical Classroom Connections, Key Topics, and Themes:

· Defining and exploring Indigenous education, Indigenous pedagogy, Indigenous knowledge

· Understanding how institutions and individuals can make Land/Territory Acknowledgements meaningful

· The role of UNDRIP when working with Indigenous communities and the meaning behind the phrase “Nothing about us without us”

· Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy (CRRP) and how this includes issues of Appropriation vs. Appreciation

· Analyzing the impact of the summer 2022 Papal Visit and church apologies for residential schools: acknowledging their role in reconciliation, the history and legacy of Residential Schools, and why apologies to former students, their families, and communities are/were necessary

· Understanding and updating the legacies of residential schools alongside the Calls to Action regarding missing/deceased children and potential gravesites at sites throughout the country

· Tracking progress of the TRC Calls to Action related to “reconciliation” (#43-94): Using critical thinking skills to understand the level/depth of integration of Indigenous Education in schools/districts (4Ps) and how to keep moving forward
Sessions in this Series
  • Reconciliation and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) (TRC Calls #43-44)
  • Reconciliation and the Impact of the 2022 Papal Apology and Church Apologies (TRC Calls #58-61)
  • Reconciliation and Missing/Deceased Children in Potential Gravesites at Residential Schools (TRC Calls #71-76)
  • Reconciliation and Education Policy and Practice (TRC Calls #62-63)
  • Reconciliation and Business/Consultation (TRC Call #92)

We look forward to seeing you!