Supporting Student Well-Being and Achievement In a Covid-19 World

About This Webinar Series

Educators, students, and parents alike want to ensure that the return-to-school process is a successful one. However, we cannot anticipate with certainty the range of challenges that returning to school will bring. We know that the impact of COVID-19 on student well-being and achievement will be significant and varied. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all program that can simply be implemented. Instead, educators will have to be highly responsive to the evolving needs of their students, while focusing on re-establishing the school and classroom conditions that support student success. This session will show how the Third Path Framework, along with its relational "CARER" approach, can guide educators to support all students to return to school, reconnect with learning, and recover from the social/emotional and academic impact of this pandemic.
Sessions in this Webinar Series
  • Rebuilding an Intentional and Responsive School Community (Part 1)
  • Student Well-Being Starts With Educator Well-Being (Part 2)

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